What size Rear Loader do I need?

These containers are not for large projects like construction, as the trucks that transport these are not designed for extreme weight, etc.  These are often found a businesses and used to place garbage daily.  Each yard is equal to approximately 2-3 plastic dump carts, as a general rule.

2-yard 4-yard 6-yard 8-yard
2 Yard 4 Yard 6 Yard 8 Yard


What size Roll-off do I need?

This type dumpster is rolled off the back of a hauling truck and is often used for construction, home clean-outs, roofing projects, and industrial applications – such as a factory.

20-yard-open-tops 30-yard-open-top 40-yard-open-top
20 Yard Opentops
approx 22′ long/4.5’tall
Need mulitple containers on a jobsite? No problem.
30 Yard Opentop
approx 22′ long/6′ tall
All back doors open fully, 8″ off ground.
40 Yard Opentop
approx 22’long/7.5′ tall
Containers can be loaded up to level full.

Choose a 20 yard if: you are disposing of heavy materials – concrete, roofing, etc.

Choose a 30 yard if: you have a mix of materials – not too much heavy.  This is most popular size.

Choose a 40 yard if: you have bulky, light-weight material – boxes, pallets, etc.

Compactor Service

compactor-1 compactor-2
Downum’s can provide a receiver box to your factory or store’s equipment (as pictured) or provide both compactor and receiver box for service.  This type of equipment is needed when there is a high volume of waste generated that can be reduced in volume or for security purposes and restricted access. Our team can weld and fit a chute, dog-house, or drive on platform to suit your specific application.

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